About no. 27

Whenever I do a show someone inevitably asks me... Why no. 27?
All I can say is that it's MY number - my birthdate, my house number, my lucky number and, ever since I was a kid, my favorite number in the world. I've always felt it was my special number and it just seemed fitting I should name my jewelry collection after it.

My jewelry, like my number, is very personal to me. I make each piece myself and all of it is one of a kind. Many of the components I use are vintage and therefore limited edition - from vintage crystals and beads from old necklaces to antique medals and vintage pendants and chains. I incorporate these with semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, silk, leather, sterling silver and 14K gold fill to create fresh, contemporary, and sometimes whimsical works of art.

Please browse the many images of my work. Some of it may no longer be available but please check out the list of shops carrying my work, and my schedule of upcoming shows.

Thank you for your interest in the no. 27 collection!

- Shelly

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